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    Specializing in the production of marine anchor and steel castingsMore than and 20 years of production history

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    Xuzhou Qiankun Mining Equipment Co.,Ltd

    xuzhou qiankun mining equipment Co.,LTD is a professional production of anchors and anchor chains of enterprises, has been more than and 20 years of history.The company is located in the convenient transportation of Xuzhou City, covers an area of 40 thousand square meters, the existing staff of 200 people. One engineer 10 people, professional and technical personnel of 30 people ...

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    Warmly celebrate the revision of Xuzhou Qiankun

    Warmly celebrate the revision of Xuzhou Qiankun mining equipment Co. Ltd. official website!Xuzhou Qiankun mining equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional 【Details】


    What cable accessories include?
    Accessories include Kent shackle, shackle, A type, B type swivel shackle end shackle, swivel, swivel shackle....
    Marine anchor chain how to maintain?
    Often due to friction and seawater erosion of marine anchor chain, will have serious corrosion, preferably coated with wear-resistant, seawater and anti rust effect. The paint is tar varnish coating, general 2 - 3, dry film thickness reached more than 60 mu m. In the use of the ship, found the film due to reasons such as bump shedding require timely repair. In the dry environment, sand the old paint edge grinding, remove dust, marine anchor on the dirt, using the method of brushing, will be care...
    Marine anchor chain how to prevent rust?
    The ship's anchor year-round in the sea water, vulnerable to seawater corrosion, so often coated with a layer of coal tar pitch. Chain 2 ~ 3 general asphalt coating. Apply best before using blasting machine polishing, removing dust and dirt and asphalt paint smear in order....
    The reason why the ship dropped anchor?
    The reason for losing the anchor of Xuzhou Qiankun mining equipment Co. Ltd. has a unique opinion, the company believes it is mainly consists of the following three reasons. One is from two by three cable anchor shackle chain attachment...
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